And we’re back!

65 days.

That’s how long it has been since we last spoke. I hope you’re doing ok. I’m not hope for great because I don’t exactly want your life to be great without me in it.

Let me fill you in on my whereabouts and the reason I’ve been gone for this long:

After the “I’ve ran out of ideas” incident happened, I started to doubt why I was still using Blogger. The service in and of itself is at least a decade behind on every measure. I was getting fed up with the lack of some basic things (I couldn’t properly change font type or size) but decided to stick with it. Then “I’ve ran out of ideas” went AWOL and they didn’t have any rollback functionality for the blog. At that point I decided it was best for me to move on.

I went by, but they don’t actually offer that much control over the blog they give you. So, after much deliberation with a friend of mine who designs websites (Basil Mimi, give him a call, he knows his shit) I decided to build my own website.

To tell you the truth, this website has been finished for about a month, but real life caught up with me and so it had to sit on the back-burner until I had the opportunity to fix all the little details involved with it.

And now we have it: A brand new blog! Coupled with a new name, a new theme, a new website (Which looks amazing, I’m quite proud of it) and a whole host of other features. All the old articles (Except “The one”) are on it.

Now looking ahead, I’m not exactly sure how much time I can afford to spend on the website. Hopefully I can return to weekly updates, but I can’t promise anything yet.

Until then, take the website out for a ride! See what it has, feel free to read the old articles and comment on them. It would be great if you’d also spread the word about the blog! Either share a link to it, or tell people about my Instagram or my twitter.

Eitherway, go nuts! And most importantly: Welcome back

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