Array of Zeros

You will be tested based on your knowledge and topics of the curriculum they said. Not once was it brought up that someone’s opinion of your work is the ultimate deciding factor. I showed up as usual in this so called “educational institution” (It may also double up as a place to roll dice, I’m not really sure anymore).  Fully prepared and ready for my exam .  with me being  an organized individual I took a screenshot of the screen right after I finished each task of the exam and  I am not a constant-ticking contradiction .

He starts by grading my work he pointed out the couple of motors connected as they were supposed to and said you should have done them in parallel and he filled in zeros  without any hesitation . I walked into that room with hope to get a good grade but instead i might not even pass the exam .

Should I accept it that there’s no such thing as normalcy or fairness . or it’s just because of him who showed up  like an unconscious bubble floating to the surface giving me the ‘software’ no choice but to take the bad grade and go home .

Thoughts of a senior engineering student facing an injustice.


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