About Me

Hello world.

I created this blog as an alternative to posting on facebook. It’s easier for me to write everything I have in mind without having to stick to facebook’s etiquette (Or having 1500 word facebook posts all over my wall). I originally started on blogger, but a little over a month there made me realize that for everything good Google has done, they’ve forgotten about that service back in 2005. So 2 months, a new name and a new website later, I’m back!

Same blog you know and (probably?) love, just with a new look and feel.

As for an actual “About me” bit:

I’ve recently realized I’m not actually good at anything in particular. The title under my name if I ever make it on a TV will be “Former child” because at this point, this is all I’ve accomplished. But I’m working on changing that, and writing here is my way of trying to change that.